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Frequently Asked Questions

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Stor offers you an opportunity to start your online shop from scratch. Stor is focused on the South African market and provides an ecommerce solution that includes orders, payments and shipping.

Yes, on certain packages of Stor, you can add your own domain that you have registered with your provider. You will also receive a Stor address that you can customize when you create your website.

Yes, Stor automatically provides SSL certificates for Stor addresses and any custom domain that is mapped to your shop.

Yes, to use Stor you must create an account and choose one of our Stor packages. For shipping and payments you will also need to create an account with our shipping and payment providers. Once you have signed up, your dashboard will contain instructions that you can follow.

No, you do not need design or coding experience to use Stor. Stor includes friendly videos and help screens to guide you as you go along.

No, each package can be cancelled at any time and your subscription will end at your next billing date.

Stor is currently focused on the South African market. This helps us to provide local turn-key solutions to Mzansi.

Before you set your custom domain, update your dns on your domain control panel. Preferrably use a CNAME that points to dns.stor.co.za. If you struggle with this, please ask your email and domain host to assist you with the update.

The above step is very important. You must allow the DNS to propagate properly before you continue with the following steps. This can take an hour or two after the DNS has been updated on your hosting control panel.

WARNING: If your domain has not properly propagated yet, the following steps can temporarily disable your website front-end until it is propagated.

  1. Log in to your Stor account, go to your dashboard.
  2. Select Account from your left sidebar menu.
  3. If your account supports custom domain mapping, you should see the Custom Domain section ie:
    Add Custom Domain
  4. Put your custom domain name in the text field and click on Set Custom Domain. NB: yourcustomdomain.com should be replaced with something like www.mystore.co.za. (Use your own domain name here)

No, we do not. However using a payment provider like PayFast, do incur fees with each transaction. Please see their fee structure on their website: https://www.payfast.co.za/fees


There are no setup fees to the Stor packages. We also offer other services that you can buy to help you build your business faster.

Each Stor package is priced according to the resources in it. You can upgrade or downgrade your package as you go along.

Yes, you can cancel your account at any point during the month. Your service will then be suspended when you reach your next renewal date. No charge will be made to your account again. If you have acquired additional service subscriptions that is linked to your account, you can should cancel them as well.

Stor is a subscription service. You will need a credit card, choose one of our services and subscribe. Payments are automatically deducted once they become due.

Account, Trial and Upgrades

Our free trial will allow you to use the system for 15 days. If you then want to continue to use it, you will need to purchase one of the Stor packages.

Your website will not be accessible from the front end anymore and you will have the opportunity to upgrade to one of the Stor packages.

Yes, you can upgrade your Stor package at any time.

  1. Login to your website.
  2. In the left sidebar menu of your dashboard, select Account.
  3. On the next page select Subscribe with Payfast.
  4. Next, complete your billing details.
  5. At the bottom right of the page, click Sign up now.
  6. Follow the prompts from the payment provider.
  7. You must give the system up to 30 minutes to register your payment method. It is usually faster.


Stor can sell and ship to South African customers that is supported by our shipping and payment partners.

You can sell physical products, virtual products or services and downloads. You can sell them with various variations and bundle products together as well.

You must be allowed by South African Law to trade in South Africa.

Yes, almost. Stor is ready to start trading when you create your shop, but you need to add your payment and shipping provider. You can sign up with them and then link your store with your shipping and payment accounts. We make use of MDS Collivery and PayFast.

Shipping and Payment Providers

Stor has partnered with MDS Collivery to provide you with a choice of shipping services.

Yes, you will need to package and ship your orders yourself. Shipping services are provided by our door-to-door shipping partner to make your life easier.

You will receive and email with a new order. You can then login to your dashboard to double check that the payment and shipping details are correct. You can then process the package and let your friendly courier guy come pick it up and deliver it to a happy customer.

Stor makes use of PayFast. You will have to open an account with PayFast.

PayFast offers seven payment methods.

  • Credit and Cheque Cards
  • Instant EFT
  • Mobicred
  • Masterpass
  • Zapper
  • Debit Card
  • SCode

Yes, you will need your own MDS Collivery account and PayFast account. You can sign up directly on their websites:

https://collivery.net/ and https://www.payfast.co.za


You will be able to choose your template during the sign up process.

Yes, but as templates includes everything from forms to products, you will loose any settings and information about your products and shop. This is not recommended, unless you are just starting out.

Yes, you can customize your template, layout, fonts and colours with our intuitive drag and drop builder, customiser and website settings and addons.

Yes, please contact us for additional services.

Yes, Stor supports different product variations with their own unique pricing.

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