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Design features

An emporium of design features and effects to customize your store.

Easy to customize with powerful design tools.

Leave all the hard work to us. Start with a pre-designed template, and make it your own!

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Innovate Value by Design

Custom design options

Among our page builder features are: Box Shadows, Background Overlays, Hover Effects, Headline Effects, Animations, Shape Dividers, Gradient Backgrounds and much more.

Fast and responsive

Fast and responsive website building. Instant drag & drop page builder, instant live edit and quick page load.


Create fun and cool effects like, bounce in animation, hover effects and many more.

Mobile editing

Create a responsive mobile website with mobile editing tools.

Easy workflow

In-line editing to make content writing a breeze.


Create fun and interactive slideshows on your website for users to interact with.

Colour Palette

Choose from thousands of different colours to highlight your brand.

Resize columns

Drop and drag columns, set custom sizes and even copy and paste columns to another section.

Live design

See everything that you add in a live design, from content writing to adding new images.

CSS filters

Using CSS filters, you can experiment with the image settings and add unique effects.

Visual effects

Create multiple visual effects like, shadow boxing, hover effects and create borders around images.

Form design

Design your own unique form. This can be used to get information from customers or create a quick survey.

Footer builder

Create your own unique footer that makes you stand out from the rest.

Header builder

Customize your header so it can fit in with your brand, get your name out there!

Auto save

Automatically save your progress and help you move back and forth between different stages.

Blog customization

Simple and easy tool to create blog posts on your website.

Revision history

Made a mistake? Don't worry, with the revision history you can easily go back and restore previous versions.

Copy & paste

Copy and paste rows and columns to create an easy workflow.

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Vince Lombardi
Vince Lombardi